Professional plumbers can come in all shapes and sizes

If you are like most people, the chances are that you take your plumbing system for granted. Most people don’t really care much about the way the whole plumbing system works. They only think about it when they actually have some issues with toilets, pipes, or other aspects of the plumbing system. It’s then that they start searching for a plumber.
An important thing to try and understand is that it always helps you find a good plumber if you start searching in advance. It means you should not wait for a simple leakage problem to grow so big that you have to hire someone urgently; this doesn’t give you the time to do your research.

However, before you proceed with your research, it is important that you understand that like all other skilled trade professions, plumbers come with different levels of expertise. Different states have different rules and requirements, and you might also come across some additional competency requirements for plumbers in different municipalities. Based on all these things, you may find plumbers having different levels of expertise.

For instance:

• Apprentice Plumber: Generally, these are novice plumbers who take part in certain apprenticeship programs. They are administered either by nonunion contractor organizations or by union locals.
• Journeyman Plumber: When a plumber fulfills all the requirements of an apprenticeship, he applies for a journeyman license. All the worker bees usually come with this license. It is worth mentioning that a plumber needs to pay a fee and pass an exam to obtain a license.
• Master Plumber: In addition to these two types of plumbers, you will also come across a third type – they are called master plumbers. The plumbers are rated as a master plumber when they acquire a few years’ experience as a journey plumber. Not only this, they also need some training at a vocational school or have an associate degree to be ranked as master plumbers. It is also important to pass an exam that encompasses both practical and written knowledge about different skills involved in plumbing. As this is the highest rank for a plumber, they are also required to complete continuing education hours on yearly basis. On most occasions, you see these plumbers owning a business and making sure that all journeyman plumbers serving a company comply with different plumbing regulations. In short, he’s the person who not only learns the business end of plumbing but also puts in some effort to get familiar with the law.
The fact of the matter is that not all plumbers are going to offer similar services. Also, some of them would have better skills as compared to the others. So, keep these things in mind when making a choice.

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